Dr. Isaac Lubelsky, List of Publications, September 2013

Isaac Lubelsky                                                                                   September 2013

List of Publications:


Isaac Lubelsky, Celestial India (Sheffield and Oackville: Equinox Publishing LTD, 2012).

Between Racism and Genocide in Modernity, Yair Auron and Isaac Lubelsky (eds.) (Raanana: The Open University Publishing House, 2011, in Hebrew).   

Chapters in Books:

Isaac Lubelsky, "Mythological and Real Race Issues in Theosophy", in Handbook of the Theosophical Current, Mikael Rothstein and Olav Hammer (eds.) (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2013).


Isaac Lubelsky, "We All Come From the East: Friedrich Max Müller and the Invention of the Spiritual Image of India", in Zmanim, Ed. Miri Eliav-Feldon, Guest Editor: Isaac Lubelsky,Vol. 122 (Spring 2013, in Hebrew).  

"Masters and Subjects in British India", in Between Racism and Genocide in Modernity, Yair Auron and Isaac Lubelsky (eds.) (Raanana: The Open University Publishing House, 2011), pp. 122-145 (in Hebrew).   

Isaac Lubelsky, "The Star in the East: the Theosophical Perception of the Mystical Orient", Andreas Önnerfors and Dorothe Sommer (eds.), Sheffield Lectures on the History of Freemasonry and Fraternalism, Vol. 1: Freemasonry and Fraternalism in the Middle East (Sheffield: SheffieldUniversity Press, 2009), 85-108.

Allon Gal and Isaac Lubelsky, "The Impact of the British Political Culture on the Nationalist Movements of Israel and India: A Comparative Analysis", in The Jewish People Today: Ingathering and Dispersion (Jerusalem: Yad Ben Zvi, 2009), pp. 55-74 (In Hebrew).  

Allon Gal and Isaac Lubelsky, "The Disintegration of the British Empire and the Nationalist Cases of India and Israel: a Comparative Analysis", Israel Affairs, ed. Efraim Karsh, Vol. 14, No. 2 (London, April 2008), 165-183.

Isaac Lubelsky, "Colonialist Arrogance: Macaulay's Minute on Indian Education", Zmanim, ed. Miri Eliav Feldon, Vol. 100 (Raanana, December, 2007), 84-99 (in Hebrew).

Guest Editor:

India: Beliefs, Identities, Images”, Zmanim, Miri Eliav Feldon (ed.) Isaac Lubelsky (Guest Editor): a special Volume, dedicated to the history of India (Spring 2013).

Papers in Conferences:

“C. W. Leadbeater and the Invention of Modern Aura Reading", in the Fourth international ESSWE Conference, Gothenburg University, Sweden (June, 2013).

"The Roots of Democracy in Hinduism and Judaism, as Reflected in the Indian National Movement and the Zionist Movement”, the First Conference on Hindu-Jewish Dialogue: Theoretical and Pragmatic Aspects, University of Haifa (November, 2012)

“Three Generations of Spirituality and Nationalism in the Tagore Family”, the Eleventh Annual Asian Studies Conference, Tel Aviv University (May, 2012).

“The Theosophical Society and the Question of Gender: Female Leaders and Religious Authority in Theosophy”, in the conference: Modes and Models of Religious Attraction. Part II: Knowledge and Action, Bochum University, Germany (July, 2011).

“The Theosophical Seal: Blavatsky’s Symbolic Synthesis between East and West”, in Lux In Tenebris, the Third International ESSWE Conference, Szeged, Hungary, (July, 2011).

“Oliphant, Balfour, Wingate: Three Facets of Esoteric (British) Zionism”, in the Conference: “Western Esotericism: Historical and Inter-Cultural Contexts”, BenGurionUniversity (May, 2011).

“Mahatma Gandhi and A.D. Gordon: Two ‘Oriental’ Expressions of a Western Utopia”, in the Conference: “A.D. Gordon: The Public and Private Aspects”, The Israeli Open University, Raanana (November, 2010).

“Dayananda Saraswati and the Invention of the Swaraj”, the Ninth Annual Asian Studies Conference, University of Haifa (April, 2010).

“A World Teacher or a Christian Messiah? The Case of Jiddu Krishnamurti”, The Second Israeli Conference on Contemporary Spiritualism, University of Haifa (March, 2010).

“Race and Racism in New Age Thought”, the Pieper Research Seminar, Roth Institute, TelAvivUniversity (January, 2010).

“On the Study of Racism and Genocide in the Israeli Academia”, The Genocide Convention Conference, TelAvivUniversity (November, 2009).  

“Theosophy and Religious Politics in British India: Pretensions and Practice”, in the Eighth Annual Asian Studies Conference, TelAvivUniversity (June, 2009).

“Gandhi, Annie Besant and Theosophy: a Protégé transformed into a Mahatma” – in the conference: Mahatma Gandhi: Global, Indian and Local Perspectives, University of Haifa (May, 2009).

“The High Priestesses of Theosophy: H.P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant and the Birth of the New age” – The First Israeli Conference on Contemporary Spiritualism, University of Haifa (March, 2009). 

“The Nineteenth Century European Sanskrit Translation Project and the Changing of the Image of India” – The First Israeli Meeting on Language, Culture and Society in Asia, HaifaUniversity (January, 2009).       

“The Star in the East: Occultist Perceptions of the Mystical Orient”, and “Theosophy and Anthroposophy in 1913: Doctrinal Differences and Resemblance”, in the conference: “The TempleLegend: Links between Freemasonry, Theosophy, and Anthroposophy”, organized by the Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism, SheffieldUniversity (November, 2008).

“Vivekananda and the World's Parliament of Religions, 1893”, The Seventh Annual Asian Studies Conference, The HebrewUniversity (May, 2008).

“Macaulay's Minute (1835): Shaping the Subjects' Self-Esteem in British India”, in the Sixth Annual Asian Studies Conference, University of Haifa (June, 2007).

“Nationalism, Occultism and Apocalyptic Visions: The Theosophical Contribution to the Indian Nationalist Movement”,in the Fifth Annual Asian Studies Conference, TelAvivUniversity (June, 2006).


Jeffrey B. Russell and Brooks Alexander, A New History of Magic (Hebrew Edition, 2008), in Zmanim, Vol. 107, ed. Miri Eliav-Feldon (Raanana, 2009) (in Hebrew).

V.S. Naipaul, Magic Seeds (Hebrew Edition, 2006), in Haaretz Book Review (11.10.2006) (in Hebrew).

 Scientific Consulting:

 Partha Chatterjee, Nationalist Thought and the Colonial World, trans. Henry Wasserman (The Open University Publishing House, Raanana, 2013, in Hebrew).

P.R. Kumaraswami, India: Democracy in a Divided Society, trans. Ehud Tagary (Raanana: The Open University Publishing House, 2009, in Hebrew).


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