Dr. Isaac Lubelsky CV September 2013

Dr. Isaac Lubelsky                                                                           September 2013  

 Curriculum Vitae

Academic Education:

 2006-2009      Post-Doctoral studies at the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study   of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism, Tel Aviv University. Research Supervisor: Professor Dina Porat. 

2005                Ph.D. in History, Tel Aviv UniversityTitle of doctoral dissertation: “Celestial India: Theosophical Activity in India, 1879-1919”. Supervisor: Professor David S. Katz.  

2001                M.A. in History (Cum Laude), Tel Aviv University. Title of M.A. thesis: “A Passage to India: In the Steps of F. Max Müller and the Theosophical Society”. Supervisor: Professor David S. Katz.

1999                B.A. in History, Tel Aviv University.

 Academic Awards and Scholarships:

2010                The Raoul Wallenberg annual Research Scholarship

2003                Yad-Hanadiv Foundation short-list nominee.

2003-4           Gottesmann-Yavetz Full Scholarship.

2001              Aranne award for outstanding Ph.D. History Students.

2000              Aranne award for outstanding MA History students.

1999                1st prize, Lessing Foundation Competition for MA History students.

 Teaching Experience and other Academic Employment:

 2012-Present Academic Coordinator, "Genocide", at The Open University of Israel.

 1999- Present The Open University of Israel (Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies, and the Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication). Courses taught: Genocide; Civil rights in the USA; History of Zionism: 1881-1914; Civil Rights in International Relationships.

 2005- 7            Ben-Gurion University (Department of General History). Courses taught: England and the building of the Empire in India: 1757-1947; Victorian England: The Empire at its Peak.

 2006–2012      Tel Aviv University (Department of East-Asian Studies). Courses taught: Indian Nationalism in the late Colonialist Era; Monks, Visionaries, and Statesmen: India's unique Struggle for Independence; Masters and subjects: British India, 1757-1947; Monks and Statesmen: Ideas and Practice from Rammohun Roy to Gandhi. 

 2007-2011       University of Haifa (Department of Asian Studies). Courses taught:   In the Steps of India's Founding Fathers; The Oriental Fantasy: the Changes in the Image of India, 1784-1919; A Nation in the Making: Indian Nationalism in the Late Colonialist Era; The Neo-Hinduism Reform: Politics, Religion, and Society.

2009-present Tel Aviv University (The Religious Studies Program). MA Seminars taught: History of New-Age Thought; In Search of the Miraculous; From Secret Brotherhoods to Mass Movements: The History of New Age Movements in Modernity.

2013                 Chair (with Professor Ron Margolin), the 5th Israeli International Conference for                          the Study of Modern Religion and Spirituality, Tel Aviv University (May 2013).  

2006-2011       Coordinator of the annual Marianne and Ernest Pieper Research   Seminar on Worldwide Racism, Tel Aviv University.

2009-2012       Research Fellow at the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism, TelAvivUniversity.

Membership in Academic Societies:

ESSWE – The European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism

INASWE –The Israeli Network for the Academic Study of Western Esotericism

 Contact Information:


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